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Walks & Bookings


Voucher enquiries

Please see "voucher page" for details of purchase and redemptions

Accompanying people
To avoid disappointment at the venue.

To ensure the Alpacas are not swamped by people, numbers are restricted.

For Health and Safety requirements , we need visitor / staff ratios to be adequate for the numbers attending .

This is to ensure there are not numerous excess people milling around the Alpacas on the walk.

Numbers are restricted and unexpected people or people wanting to walk with you, but not lead an alpaca etc, will not be able to accompany you I am afraid .

Bookings are available from.
Wednesday to Sunday.

Each walker will have their own alpaca.

Unlike other venues, we do not require walkers to share an alpaca , this enhances the experience for both the walker and the Alpaca.

Bookings can be made online.

Please read the info on our site ,we know its long and you are busy .

It will however possibly save you money or embarrassment

Please make sure you enter your correct email address ,how many children (If any)and their ages.

If you do not receive a confirmation email, after you have made your booking. The booking has not gone through properly.

Wed - Sun 0900 - 1200

Walking Information

Walks are at 10:00 am only

Walkers must arrive before the health and safety talk given at 0950 am.

No dogs allowed on site

Dunreyth Alpacas try to personalise their walks rather than have large groups ,unless these have been specifically booked .

Each walker will have their own alpaca
This is to maximise the experience for the Hoooman.
This also allows the Alpaca to relax in your company .

Two people sharing one alpaca is not an option.


The cost is £25 per Alpaca. 

We are still one of the least expensive Alpaca Walks company .

Not only were we the first to offer this delightful experience in the UK ,our price has remained the same over 16 years.


Please inform us if you are running late so we can assess whether it is possible to wait.


Young Children walking with an Alpaca

Children 6 years and over are welcome to walk an alpaca,

No children under six years old are allowed out on the walks .

All children must be well behaved and calm at all times due to the alpacas nervous disposition.
Groups of Children , require one adult only as a responsible person to walk with them .


The Walk

Participants must be able to walk unaided and have good balance, the terrain is very uneven and can be slippery. No babies carried or in slings are allowed on the walk as an obvious H&S hazard

It is up to you to judge your fitness to take part .

The walk takes approx. 60 min . We take a track through woods to a view point and then retrace back to the start point.(Please be aware .It is an uneven surface an not suitable for anyone with mobility or balance difficulties)

The length of time of the walk is dependent on the speed the Alpacas walk, you will then be invited to see our shop and finished garments made from our own Alpacas .


Inclement weather

We do walk in the rain if safe to do so. If it is extreme weather we will rebook the walk.

Sensible, sturdy footwear is essential. In wet weather suitable wet weather gear advised.

Dunreyth Alpacas has taken all the required precautions to comply with government guidelines to ensure a safe environment on site .

Hand Washing

All groups/Individuals will be directed to group specific hand washing stations .

All animals carry bacteria and handwashing after your visit, is an essential part of good hygiene.

Cancellations/reduction in party numbers

*If you change the date of your booking , an admin fee of £2.50 per person will be charged. Should you cancel/reduce the numbers of your booking at short notice i.e. less than 48 hrs. Or you miss the walk due to being late   You will lose any payment/voucher

Should Dunreyth Alpacas cancel your booking due to severe weather or other unforeseen circumstances then an alternative walk will be offered via a voucher valid for 12 months .
Please take note to avoid disappointment at the venue

Accompanying people

Numbers are restricted and unexpected people will not be able to accompany you.

We are not allowed signs to our site.

We are not part of Adsdean farm

Please do not call into the big house, we are just beyond it.

Post walk drinks/meals can be had at the Barleymow pub in Walderton



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