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Walk with your own Alpaca

Each walker has an Alpaca to themselves.

Unlike other venues ,you do not have to share.

This a personal walk for you and your alpaca.

Walking Vouchers

A wonderful way of treating a friend or loved one to a unique experience


Voucher Enquires

*Walking Vouchers are valid for 12
months and cost £25 per person .
These can be purchased on line.

You have a whole year to book your experience.

Each gift voucher can be used to book one person to walk with an Alpaca.

The voucher is valid for 12 months only and the walk must be booked within that time slot.

Vouchers are not refundable if not used and cannot be extended .Please make sure the recipients are aware of this .

Don't leave it until the last few weeks as we are always booked up well in advance and you may not be able to book ,before your voucher expires .

All walks using vouchers need to be booked in advance. 

Important Note

If buying a voucher as a giftPlease make sure the recipient is aware of how to redeem their voucher, the end date and terms & conditions by checking our website .

If you want to buy several vouchers at once.

After you have put in the recipients name and details ,click on the next button ,there is then the option to add more (Blue button centre of the page *

Redeeming electronic vouchers

All our bookings are now on line, so if you go to our website booking page.

Click on redeem a voucher and follow the links, It will tell you what dates are available .

When redeeming your voucher enter all in lower case leaving out any gaps or hyphens .

EXAMPLE .Your voucher will show a number, ie A13 -478-GH1.

For this example you should enter a13478gh1

You can then complete your booking for the walk

If you do not receive a confirmation email, after you have made your booking. The booking has not gone through properly.

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