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Adoption & Vouchers


You can adopt an alpaca for £20 per year.


Here is what you get with your adoption :

  • A certificate
  • A photo of your adopted alpaca
  • You will receive a letter from your Alpaca after six months keeping you up to date
  • A birthday card (providing we have the date etc).


Check out the boys on our website or facebook and let us know your choice.

Walking Vouchers

A wonderful way of treating a friend or loved one to a unique experience


Voucher Enquires

*Walking Vouchers are valid for 12 months and cost £20 per person .These can be purchased on line

If you want to buy several vouchers at once.

After you have put in the recipients name and details ,click on the next button ,there is then the option to add more (Blue button centre of the page *

*Redeeming Paper vouchers purchased prior to going online*

All our bookings are now on line, so if you go on our website, onto the booking site, put in how many vouchers you have for adults or children, and then it will tell you what dates we have available.

Once you have decided on a date, either ring us or email, I will need your voucher numbers, a mobile phone number and an email address, and I can get you booked in from this end.

We are sorry but due to restricted numbers Unexpected people will not be allowed to join the walk.


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